Our team is composed by researchers with different education profiles and a background in various technical areas, resulting in a group that can count on the integration of multiple skills and competences. Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering are TIP’s foundations.

Monica Carfagni

TIP Coordinator

Monica Carfagni, Ph.D. is full professor of Mechanical Drafting (SSD ING-IND/15) at the University of Florence. Her research interests cover the areas of Additive Manufacturing and Reverse Engineering, Acoustics, Biomedical Devices and Design Methods. She is author of more than 110 scientific papers in such areas.

Full Professors

Lapo Governi

Associate Professors

Rocco Furferi
Yary Volpe

Senior Researchers

Francesco Borchi

Post-doc Researchers

Luca Puggelli
Francesco Buonamici
Michaela Servi
Antonio Marzola

PhD Students

Roberto Magherini
Massimo Buttarazzi
Francesco Dalle Mura
Andrea Profili
Marta Mencarelli
Tommaso Stomaci


Alessandro Mambelli

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