Labs are the driving force of our research.

TIP has several laboratories, focused on specific research fields. Joint laboratories see the Department of Industrial Engineering of Florence (DIEF) working in collaboration with research centres and institutions of the highest level, thus allowing the achievement of significant results.

T3Ddy – Personalized pediatrics by inTegrating 3D aDvanced technologY

T3Ddy website

T3Ddy is a joint lab with Meyer Children’s Hospital of Florence

Custom3D – Customized 3D in Medicine

Custom3D is a joint lab with Careggi Hospital of Florence

Hospital Website

REVIP – Reverse Engineering and Virtual Prototyping

REVIP website

REVIP lab studies advanced Reverse Engineering methodologies and applications

INEA – Electro-acoustic engineering LAB

SMIPP – Methods & Tools for Product & Process Innovation LAB

SMIPP is a joint LAB with PIN Prato.


Rehabilitation bioengineerING and Assistive Technology LAB

RING@Lab is a joint lab with Don Gnocchi Rehabilitation Institute


Acoustic Engineering LAB

LINA is a joint lab with Vie En. Ro. Se. Ingegneria SRL

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