About us.

TIP’s mission is the study and development of methods and tools, tailored to solve advanced design problems from different technical fields.

What we do.

The TIP (Product & Process Innovation Team) research group is part of
the Department of Industrial Engineering of Florence (DIEF). The group is
coordinated by Prof. Monica Carfagni, who harmonizes the work of 15+ people.
The team is composed by researchers with different educations profiles and
a background in various technical areas, resulting in a group that can count on
the integration of multiple skills and competences from many technical fields.
The main areas covered by the group’s expertise are mechanical engineering,
computer science and biomedical engineering. Mechanical design, additive
manufacturing, reverse engineering, geometric modelling, computer graphics,
virtual & physical prototyping, process simulations, and acoustics are the
principal competences of the group.

This research interest has emerged, over 20+ years, in different ways, producing
signficant and innovative results in numerous application fields. Notable
examples, described in the following pages, can be found in the following
sectors: biomedical, cultural heritage, industrial, fashion & textile, environment,
food & agricolture. Some examples of the innovations achieved by TIP are the
mechanical design of advanced systems, development of custom CAD software
tools, study of optical scanning systems, improvement of medical procedures,
development of prototypal products.


TIP’s teaching activity includes the classes of Mechanical Drafting and
Computer Aided Design for the First Level Degree in Mechanical Engineering
as well as Reverse Engineering and Additive Manufacturing and Development
and Analysis of 3D Models for the Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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